GiGwi Hedgehog Melody Chaser, Brown

AED 20.00

Target species Cat
Brand GiGwi
Colour Brown
Material Plastic
weight 0.03 Kilograms

About this item

  • The creative hedgehog cat toys that squeak are made in flannelette and electronic component in quality, material and production process meet European and American environmental quality standards and safety requirements
  • GiGwi squeaky cat toys in bee shape are designed to satisfy your cat hunting insects and to keep it on its paws
  • Remove the plastic cord to activate the kitten toy and throw down the motion activated toy to the ground before the cute animal makes realistic hedgehog sound
  • The electronic cat toys interactive only squeak when be touched. For your indoor cats who would love to catch an insect – this chirpy bee is quite the hit. They would feel just like they had caught a real bee and proudly strutted around with it in their mouth when not tossing it in the air
  • Motion activated sound chip toy. Realistic animal and bug sounds to catch your cat’s attention.


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