GiGwi Catwand Feather Teaser, Purple, 7144

AED 30.00

Target species Cat
Brand GiGwi
Colour Purple
weight 54 Grams
Model name Gigwi Catwand feather Teaser with natural feather and TPR handle, Purple stick

About this item

  • Watch your cat jump and pounce like a fully grown hunter.
  • Enjoy hours of playing together with just a flick of your hand.
  • You can use the cat feather wand toy to make your cat move and exercise. It is a good way to keep your cats health and fit for life. Enjoy the funny exerciser with your cat.
  • The feather teaser cat wand toy stimulate your cats desire to chase, hunt, jump, catch, pound like hunter and bringing out the most instinctive cat reactions. This interactive cat wand engages your cats with you to build companionship.
  • We only use 100percent natural feather. The rubber handle is made from non-toxic materials also very lightweight with the strongest and most durable, so they will remain in great condition for a very long time with easy operating design.


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